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Gift box wax melts 'Urban collection'

Gift box wax melts 'Urban collection'

A'lure Scents

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Are you looking for a nice gift or do you want to try all the scents from the Urban collection? Then this gift box is ideal. The box contains 6 scents, hand-poured wax melts of 50 grams of wax melts in a resealable package.

The gift box fits through the letterbox. Would you like to send it directly as a gift? Then enter the recipient's shipping address.


6x50 gram wax melts in a resealable package. The packaging is made from recycled PET (rPET) 86% recycled materials


Break off a block and place it in the appropriate container of your fragrance burner. The tea light heats the burner, releasing a wonderful scent.
You may see the wax 'smoking'. This is normal and means that the odor is being released. As soon as the flame under the burner is extinguished, the wax solidifies. You can melt the wax several times until it no longer emits an odor.

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