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Candlestick Pure

Candlestick Pure

A'lure Scents

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Simple, pure and simplicity adorns this candlestick from A'lure Scents. Because the candlestick is made entirely of brass, it radiates pure luxury! Available in polished and brushed brass.

The polished candle holder has both 2 and 3 designs in 1.
* The narrow part fits a candle with a diameter of 22 mm, an incense stick and if you turn the holder over, our striped pillar candles (dia 5 cm) fit in.
* If you choose the 2 in 1 design, the candlestick is not an incense holder.

The brushed candle holder has 3 designs in 1.


Material: Brass
Dimensions: H 50 mm x D 60 mm


Over time, tarnish can form on the candlestick. Clean the candle holder regularly with a soft cloth.

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