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Wax burner Dalmatian

Wax burner Dalmatian

A'lure Scents

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Wax burner Dalmatian is one of the new wax burners in our range. They are hand-blown and hand-painted glass, making each item unique. The wax burners are made to melt the wax melts from A'lure scents.

You will receive the burner in a white box.


Dimensions: 100mm L x 100mm W x 120mm H
Weight: 150 grams
The wax burner holds approximately 40g of wax melts
Hand blown glass and hand painted glass, making each item unique.


After placing a wax melt, place a tealight at the bottom of the intended holder. The heat from the tealight will melt the wax melt, releasing the wonderful scent.

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