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Waxmelts Moonlight Amber

Waxmelts Moonlight Amber

A'lure Scents

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Moonlight Amber is an addictive scent that creates an intimate atmosphere. The combination of black orchid, frankincense, myrrh and amber is sensual and stimulates all the senses.


Each tin contains 16 wax melts. Each wax tablet releases fragrance for up to 8 hours.


Place one or more wax tablet(s) in the appropriate container of your fragrance burner. The tea light heats the burner, releasing a wonderful scent.
You may see the wax 'smoking'. This is normal and means that the odor is being released. As soon as the flame under the burner is extinguished, the wax solidifies. You can melt the wax several times until it no longer emits an odor.

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